siewlin is a babe!!

Someone (name witheld) signed a private entry on my guestbook saying.,

Can u put more pics of siewlin. I think she’s a real babe!

Who da fuck is siewlin??? hahaha Is she a cross of Siew Lee, my guestblogger and Sui Lin of Man..if i have the skill, i’ll take Siew Lee and Sui Lin’s picture, cut their faces out and assemble them into a face. I wonder how it would look like. haha

oh wait wait wait!!

Siew Lee’s right eye and lips with Sui Lin’s face 😀

Can anyone touch up the photo for me? haha!

This morning, while having breakfast, a Down syndrome lady came up to me holding a piece of clothe with Chinese writing on it. I couldn?t make out what it says. But bottom line is, she wanted money. She?s a beggar. A Down syndrome lady has to walk on the streets to beg? My god, what has the world become. Who are those fucking sick people who send mentally incapable person to the streets to beg? I?m used to physical incapable person begging on the streets, but wait, a Down syndrome lady? I immediately lost my appetite.

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  1. quoting..HAHAAHHAHA..leong ur site is the most scandalous la.. Posted by siewlee @ 10/31/2003 12:52 AM CST why do you think taylors and maybe some other unknown colleges/centres boycott and blacklist cl`s site 😛

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