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Please inform your friends that is back online.
And a reminder to all, this weekend!!!

Location : A’Famosa Resort Malacca
Date : 3rd June 06
Time : 7pm – 3am
Price : RM60
On another note,
Female Shufflers wanted to perform in Miri, Sarawak.
Anyone female shufflers interested ? Accomodation & flight provided. Allowance included as well. Around 22 – 24 July 2006. Its some sort of exhibition in a club in Miri. Few months back, some of the members of the forum were involved in another exhibition in Miri. It was great fun! I would definitely recommend every girls to participate. Unfortunately, guys not included 🙁
Email me or leave a note here!
Best Regards

19 thoughts on “FINALLY!”

  1. That’s the reason i want to learn how to shuffle.
    SOMEONE, ANYONE, teach me how to shuffle la…

  2. Ivan: ummm sorry i just inserted the venue there 😀
    endroo: soon!
    johnson: SEE U THERE
    Amos: yeah man finally.. i hopenext month wont die again
    ivN: feng a!!
    fr0stie: penang ada ka? kasi import to miri
    jane: tadaima~~~ 😀
    rych: watodo, guys selling power not good enough
    galferari: its not too late! u have 1 more month to learn!

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