Fiona & Sharon @ Zing’s place

Mum, Dad and I finally had our replacement Reunion Dinner. Well, we had it at Hard Rock Café as initially suggested by Dad. In the beginning, I was having doubt whether or not to have dinner there because my mum is a vegetarian. Fortunately, Hard Rock Café serves Fried Rice (she liked it). Dad and I on the other hand had pork roast and lamb chop. We ended the dinner with cheesecake and ice cream! YUMMY! 😀

Brissy friends
I finally got to meet up with my Brisbane friends, Sharon and Fiona. I had coffee and headed to Zing’s house to gamble. To them, our RM1 is just 50 cents to them, so they were happily gambling all night long.

I’m planning to bring them clubbing tonight but I’m afraid that club will be dead tonight due to Chinese New Year. Let’s see how it goes later..

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