“I will grab my handphone with me… Oh, and wallet! And passport!”

That was my friend’s final answer. She was telling us about her nightmare, that she had to escape from the condo she was staying, which was slowly catching fire. It was just a dream!

It made me think, that they always tell us to leave all your personal belongings to save yourself should a fire break out. But what if you had enough time, what would you take with you?

“Oh, but I would have to quickly put on my bra and panties as well, sh*t!” She continued.

“So difficult, to be sleeping without undergarments! At desperate times, I guess I have no choice but to run out of the house with everything jiggling here and there!”


So, questions:

(1) If your house caught fire (*touch wood!*), what would you bring along with you, if you only have 2 minutes to get out of the house?
(2) As a girl, would you worry about being bra-less, and all you are wearing is a thin white T-shirt and boy shorts?

I think I would put on my bra or wrap myself in a towel so that the nipples won’t get in the way of the fire. ;

16 thoughts on “Fire!!!”

  1. ahaha! i’ll take my cellphone and my wallet. phone to call my friends for overnight and wallet for a cab to his/her place or nearest hotel.

  2. vaguely remember d sumatra earthquake. what i can recount was it was kinda bad with tables swaying and for a moment there i thought the condo was gonna collapse. didnt manage to think and dashed out of d condo.(barefooted even)
    in the event of a fire, theres likely more time for cognitive thinking. I’m very likely to grab my ps2(not that its valuable, i just want to save my ps2 for the sake of saving it.*shrugs*)

  3. mobile and my handbag with wallet and stuff in it. a jacket for no 2. its faster than putting your undergarments on haha. 0_0 but damn i’d be so devastated with everything else gone ;(

  4. Bimbobum: If only 2 min to get out, don’t think rain can stop fire in time. Girl will still have to come out bra-less and in thin white t-shirt. Xes, Khinko, I oso will pray for rain with you guys.
    Hey speaking of house fires, I guess it highlights the importance of installing a smoke detector.

  5. Devilishaz: good one, jacket! ya, it’ll be heartbreaking.
    Low: what, and rather roam the streets without your MyKad and driver’s licence and credit cards?
    Scuzzy: assuming the fire started elsewhere, not from your apartment?
    insomnia: wah, very pandai! that’s important, too.
    boob_omatic: boobs, not faces, huh? ;P

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