Just Follow the Law

That lady who said, “It takes 3 working days to process” remind me of a friend. Makes me feel like punching her. waa chhhaaaaaa
If you had seen the Singaporean movie, Just Follow the Law (starring Gurmit Singh and Fann Wong *drool) you’ll note that Fann Wong’s mum (in that movie) said that she has a blog called, “Lao Zha Bor dot Blog Spot dot Com”.
And the blog actually exists!

Visit http://laozhabor.blogspot.com/
Lao Zhar Bor, in Chinese means, old lady. This lady actually learnt how to set up a blog and even created a rap video to post on the website. It’s quite an interesting read. I note that a lady of her age speaks like a young girl πŸ˜€

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