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During the good old mIRC days (IRC = internet relay chat), couples formed as quickly as the bees are drawn by honey. One day you’ll be chatting to someone who is single, and a few weeks later, you see the ‘welcome’ and ‘quit’ messages declaring their status:

“bimbobum loves fatsoboy forever and eternity!”

Without putting a face to a name, it is hard to judge the person for who he or she is. Everything is typed out and everything is just a play of words. If the person happens to be born a casanova with a sweet mouth, there are always people who fall for the sweet talk.

Someone tried to woo me in mIRC once, suddenly coming up with some flowery poem that melted my heart. It was a fantastic one, I must admit. I really liked it, though I doubt the authenticity of it – I’m sure he didn’t write it. Nevertheless, his wooing didn’t work because I got “attached”.

It sounds stupid, when I think of it now. I had never met the person, but he started calling me, and who wouldn’t be flattered? I was studying in England during that time and he was working in KL. So yeah. ;P But after a while, I felt awkward and silly, and I lost interest. I asked to “break it off” and he almost died of a broken heart.
That was ages ago. In this time and age, everything seems to be workable. You read testimonies of love found on the internet, how they felt that he or she “was the one” after 3 years of emailing and chatting online. And when one of them finally makes a move to visit the person, they realise they have to get married – can’t live without each other!

How does it work? Good for them that the person didn’t turn out to be a psycho!

Can you actually call yourself a couple when you haven’t met the person? You don’t really know how the person is, although you’ve seen pictures. You’ve never spoken on the phone before, you don’t know he sounds like. All the both of you do is chat.

What do you think?

34 thoughts on “Flirting & Dating Online”

  1. 2nd~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!
    erm…i think its ridiculous la..though last time i did tat, but i neva took it to another level until we actually dated outside and be sure tat me n the opposite can go on…if not..i’ll jus think of it as a thing to play / nth to do…
    xes and bimbo chatting (on the pic) tats weird…one obssesed with with paperbags..ahahha

  2. wah!! the picture damn pei weh…
    u old people really loves mIRC dun cha.haha…
    i fell in love with a girl in MSN before;P but i find the so call love saturate when we chat almost everyday.

  3. Wahaha,y Xes dint post comment 1??dun tell me the above conver is really xes and bimbo….buahaha,i cant stop laughing…
    cnigel: u added me up @ fs??dun pmed me with gay title lar…lolz…

  4. aiya…only xes knows bimbo…and they can come up with this…must be la…otherwise could be endroo cos he was just luffing!

  5. khinko: where got gay…unmature title oni
    bimbobum: i asked 4 ur msn b4 wo…unless u wanna stay anonymous to us lo

  6. cnigel: ahaha,if 4 a gurls,they’ll tot tat is immature title,but for me,it’s kinda
    bimbo: my bad,i tot u type no body asked for ur fs oso,my bad…anyway,mind adding me up in ur msn??unless u jez wana chat wit doreamon,then nvm lor..kekeke..

  7. Khinko: ahahahaha… doraemon is boring.
    cnigel: oh ya, you asked for it before.
    karheng: say my name, say my name [destiny’s child’s song]
    Thrillseeker & xes: i also dowan to have affair with xes la, you have the size of doraemon’s ….. ? ;P
    wolfx & ryuu: bluff ;P [wolfx: thought u got scared when i asked u to bend over….]

  8. Personally never dated anyone via MSN and which I actually haven’t met before but have friends who have..maybe got it *drummed* into my head by my parents that there are perverts lurking around in Chatrooms looking to pick up young girls to do Very.Bad.THings.With. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. khinko: since when baby talk is gay’ish ? even if i wanna gay also gay with xes first la…u at the back of the list la..kekeke…(payback)

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