Compounding your traffic offences

As some may know, I was issued a summon for a traffic offence last month. I beat the red light in the presence of a police officer.
read post for background!
Since my offence is compoundable, I can head to the police station at Jalan Tun H.S. Lee (I’m not sure whether if one can pay their summons at their nearest police station). I dont really like heading to the police station at Jalan Tun H.S. Lee as it is troublesome.
However, with the advent of internet technology, we can pay our summons online using our online bank account!
One of the websites that we may use is It’s quite user friendly and the procedure to do so is simple.
After registering as a user, login into the main menu and click on ‘Polis Diraja Malaysia’ and click on its submenu.

Click on the appropriate menu. For me, I put in my identity card number.

Then click on the button on the far right. ‘select to pay’ and then ‘add to list’

After that, check out and you’ll get a table like this.

Scroll down and click on the relevant bank account.

Login to you bank account then proceed to pay!

13 thoughts on “Compounding your traffic offences”

  1. no discount wan ar?
    i thought if you head over to the police station urself maybe u could get some discount?
    or was that DBKL or MPSJ summons?

  2. wahh… 200 bucks wei. shit man. sorry for cursing u when you were late that time. haha. HEEHEE
    oh i think Police saman canot discount leh. remember goin to pay speeding ticket n they said sometin like police saman takda discount dik. aih…

  3. Xes: this teach u tat,dun beat d red light during peak hour lar,wakaka,beat when it’s happy hour…LOL
    siowmay: hmm,i guess only DBKL can discount lor,my boss used to paid his parking summons kat DBKL,boleh discount eh…
    Amos: sometimes,not evry ppl free to que up and pay summons 1 lar…hehe…

  4. there’s no discount for police summons. for dbkl compunds, yes, there’s a reduction if you present yourself.

  5. actually polis summon got discounts if you go to the station yourself. I paid for 2 summons for speeding in 2 different places in State Pj Police Station. First time i went there i had to write a letter of appeal saying that it’s my first time kena …this la that la…
    Actually…u kena how many times u write first time also pass because i dun think police so free to read all of it.
    My fine of Rm150 became Rm 100 in a week.
    Worth the time i think.

  6. ya can get discount…last time they change my vehicle type from car into a motorbike so tat cheaper…but JPJ JB sux…they want you to go thru runners..or else they purposely wont layan you…

  7. siowmay: not all compounds can be reduced.
    gizzy: magehai.. all your fault la! hahahaha you kept rushing me!
    Amos: cheaper as in the legal or illegal way/ ? 😛
    karheng: last time those offences could be appealed. but they have tighted it lately. some compound for offences for example, beating the red light cannot be reduced.
    darren: kkolok mee that taste like kambing WEE!

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