Forum hacked was hacked. I have removed the old forum and replaced it with a new one.

Although not as bad as xiaxue‘s case whereby her blog and her 3000 emails were deleted by a hacker, its sad to see our 2000 over posts disappear.

I did not bother to trace the hackers as they seem to be foreign based. They seem to have found a bug in the forum script which enabled them to exploit it.

I hope the hackers are happy on their so-called achivement. I pray that the worst will fall on them.
By the way, Mr. So-called hacker,



I wonder if that script kiddie knows the basic rule of hacking etiquette. Never ever remove datafiles unless its necessary. dumbarse.

18 thoughts on “Forum hacked”

  1. Dear hacker, i hope u crash and burn and die like a fucking bastard that u are today and for the rest of ur pathetic life 🙂

  2. ehhhhhhhhhhh.. ape niiii
    habis ler all my post 🙁 *HEHEHEE*
    CL looks so garang oh.. macam gangster.. the teeth macam ada lubang cuz alway pek yau 😛

  3. dammm the devil to hell!!! later i ask my ancestors to chop their heads! blar blar !

  4. buttshaker: yea yea yea spam it!!
    myke: ul m8?
    dogma: mmm what do you recommened? i use its cause its easy installatin
    darren: well said!
    penispup: aiyah my teeth no nice ma..thats why berlubang..hehe
    cheryljohns: they think they’re l33t
    flint: aiyoh. feel like bashin them up
    puhyah: yeah man!! chop their heads!! including dickhead!!
    wolfx: yeah la. damn phpBB board.

  5. wtf wei why suddenly kena hacked
    ehehe i didnt get ur reply on the forum
    so are u staying over for the rave?

  6. All the post is gone!
    Att: The mother fucking bastard who hack the forum!
    Just try thinking if i can hack into your system and post naked pictures of your mom dildoling in her room!

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