Organ Donors @ Atmosphere

They were excellent!! Absolutely amazing!
Their set was hard and what made it more unique is that they change tracks every 2 – 3 minutes.
The duo, brothers Scott and Matt Harris, have great showmanship as well. They dance, jumped around and played with the crowd throughout their entire set.

Scott and Matt Harris, also known as Organ Donors.
The event was also like a mini reunion for us old ravers. Those were the days where we would hang out at raves till early in the morning. Now everyone is too busy with their own lives.
Unfortunately, the beginning of the night didn’t start well for us. We were hoping for free entry (9 of us) and we already had the sources to do so i.e. invitation SMS and guest list. However, the SMS invitation ended on 11:30PM. We were few minutes late. Then as for my guest list (many thanks to Jose), it was closed as well!! ARGH!
Fortunately, Edwin settled the matter for us. This wasn’t the end though. While taking pictures/videos of Organ Donors….
Me: O_O!!!
Is this the kind of service we customers deserve?? Where is the courtesy we deserve, man.
But nonetheless, here are 2 videos. Nothing much, just to show how is it like.
Since everything didn’t went well, I was about to plot an anti-Atmosphere club movement. But thank god Organ Donors played a great set, otherwise I would have publicly denounce my support for Atmosphere club. We should thank them for bringing in such awesome DJs.
The club was nice enough to allow Organ Donors play one last track before the night ended. Loads of people swarmed towards the Organ Donors for autograph right after their set.
I hope they’ll come back again!

10 thoughts on “Organ Donors @ Atmosphere”

  1. ya man!!! great event!! great music!!! woohooo!!!
    but sheesh.. i kena the same thing like u xes.. bouncer pull me aside and ask me to delete photos on the spot.. grrr

  2. we should start anti lousy customer service in all club..cibai..they all look down on ppl one…what if i book 3 tables..u think i cannot afford to open 3 bottles kah?

  3. i think i should write a “courtesy handbook” for clubbers and staff la. maybe from that, we can reduce fights in clubs

  4. xes: i agree with you, even yestrday when i was standing in front of the main door thee’s a lot of bouncer going up and down just to chase people out of the club.
    baburs: dude you really deleted your pics?
    frank: those fella aspect you to open more than 3 bottles….it’s like that 1

  5. Luckily the Bouncer told me to keep my camera only… he wanted to delete the pics, but i told him i wasnt from around Malaysia, and he actually bought it ! LOL… i only got vids tho.. cant really take pics, the bouncer was standing behind us all the time.. urgh… and xes, i’ll post the pic soon.. the camera is with my gF… hold up 🙂

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