Found: Prada Wallet @ Starbucks

Yesterday, my friends and I were having coffee at Mt. Kiara Starbucks.
We found one nice leather Prada wallet next to our table. We flipped through the wallet and found amongst others, an identity card, credit cards and also ATM cards. Inside the wallet, there were few hundred Ringgit cash in it!
Losing a wallet is one of the most troublesome calamities. We decided to return the wallet to the owner.
Then a guy came to the table next to us (where the wallet was found). He looked like he was looking for something. The guy then left quickly. We screamed for that guy, and wanted to ask him whether he was looking for his wallet. He didn’t answer.
Sow immediately got off from his chair and ran towards the guy.
Sow: DUDE! You lost a wallet??
Guy: Er.. No.
Then we realised that the wallet is actually an Indian lady’s wallet.
However, after flipping the wallet thoroughly, we could not find the contact number of the owner. But we managed to find one blue coloured McDonalds privilege card. The first thing on my mind was, “blue colour? This year’s McDonald’s privilege card is green!”.
It might be the super duper ultimate McDonald’s privilege card that comes with free food and probably throw in some sex in it. Then I realised a small print on the card saying, “This card is not valid after December 2002”. O____O”
Then Charmaine had a brilliant idea. She called the Indian lady’s credit card’s 24 hour customer service centre. The credit card company then told Charmaine that they will contact the Indian lady.
Within minutes, the Indian lady called us and 20 minutes later, the lady came to Starbucks to collect her wallet. Although, there were few hundred bucks in the wallet, we didn’t take a single cent.
And the best thing was, the Indian lady didn’t realise that she has lost her wallet after her bank called her.

44 thoughts on “Found: Prada Wallet @ Starbucks”

  1. 3rdddddddddddddddddddddddddddd~
    Lame la xes! How can u ‘1st’ your own post! WRONG!
    Anyway, that indian lady so champion le haha.
    How you wish it was a hawt chiq instead eh? tehehe..

  2. I’ve lost 2 pairs of prescription sunglasses over 19 years, both times when I was visiting Malaysia. Both times it happened in KL at cafes in the Bukit Bintang area. Both pairs of sunglasses were totally useless to anyone else but they were never returned. When I asked each time at the relevant cafe to see if they had been handed in I was treated like an complete idiot -like “people don’t hand in lost property here”. I just wish you guys had found my sunglasses in 2000 and 2005. It would have saved me a heap.

  3. ivn: dont jealous that I’m first!
    Xenon: welcome to malaysia! hehe!
    Avalondevil: she’s a champion.
    Gavin: I wanted to say, “if the wallet was found by Gavin, the money would be long gone”. I was correct!
    Amos: dont generalise la.
    karheng: yeah man, no discrimination here. we al born equal. except for gavin.

  4. I hope that Indian lady showed her appreciation towards you guys for returning her wallet. Not everyone would do the same. It’s much easier to keep the wallet then try to figure out who the owner is and how to contact them. She’s pretty lucky.

  5. eletronicfly: kekek meet your match!
    nikki: no ler!
    ivn: yeah lo. not Hot!
    Amos: not rpetty. keke
    boob: my friends and i are not bastards like you.
    Scuzzy: she just thanked us. thats all 😛

  6. Good on you guys returning the wallet! its a new mindset of for Malaysians, instead of being calculative and non civic minded. *applause*

  7. If i am younger like in high school, i might just use the card to pump full tank petrol and subscribe to a few porn sites. Then again, i am not a bastard like boob_omatic.

  8. having to lose a wallet = malaysian
    having to return a wallet = very un-malaysian
    haha…anyway xes and gang deserve a thumbs up for scraping off the selfish quality of the malaysian’s that is heavily under scrutiny.

  9. frank: yeah, dont be a bastard like boobomatic
    cnigel: yup! thank u!
    Applegal: dont listen to boobomatic, he’s crazy.
    ivN: Not LAST!
    boobmatic: u got mental problem aa?
    Avalondevil: dont listen to boobomatic, he’s crazy. like GavinTan.

  10. I’vn sux. I’m last. haha.
    I applaud the gang for returning the wallet. However, some “malaysian” traits were kinda leaking out from the whole scenario, which xes had forgot to mentioned..
    1. the indian lady looked more embarassed than grateful when collecting her purse.
    2. I was secretly hoping that she’d buy us a round of starbucks coffee for going through the trouble.
    3. Sow’s took the initiative to chase the guy (whom we had assume was the guy who lost his wallet/purse), secretly hoping that he’d get introduced to the guy’s hot sister/cousin/friend/mom or something.
    4. Xes secretly wanted to take the Mcd’s privilege card. Until he realized it was expired. 😛

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