What is this?

A chocolate fountain!!

One can dip wafers and strawberries.
But one dumb fellow dipped satay (kebab) on it. O_O

34 thoughts on “Fountain?”

  1. muahahaa…satay covered with chocolate?
    Satay new flavour ar??
    is the fountain hot? Oblique not scared ur tongue get burn?

  2. oblique: hahahahaha too late! i’ve already dipped my hand on it!! mmm now you’re tasting my sweat…mmmmm kkeke
    galferari: heheh its hot! well..warm.h.ehe

  3. Reminds me of Charlie and the Choco Factory….reminds me of banana dipped choco and nuts….reminds me of double choco dipped dougnut….reminds me of the whole bar of choco I ate after lunch!

  4. yvonee: eehhh i tot u’re on a diet??/ ekke
    ivn: yeah la. damn crap haha
    teckie: the metal pot somehow reminds me of steamboat though

  5. where where??? i wanna go….the only place I know there’s chocolate fountain would be Lemon Garden(if i get it correct) in shangrila…….
    where’s aunty coco monster????

  6. wa, pikey, dun la bluff me. i thought u told me u cut down liao? so u can’t go to choc fountains what…… ;P
    frank: u calling who aunty? obviously not me la. i’m still 21 =))

  7. to amos, Ben, penny, zhong, darren, pikey, christina,
    its @ lemon tree, shangrila 😀
    peggy: hehe satay bersalut coklat
    fishfish: aiyah no la. but should have tried roast lamb with chocoalte keke
    wolfx: head down to shangrila then ekek

  8. chocolate makes me happy =)) but after makan must go exercise la… that’s when sex comes in…
    so frank, ppl can have it both what. ;P

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