So I am blessed…

Today on the way home from KL, i had a gut feeling that i was going to get into an accicent. Everyone was driving crazily today. Don’t know why? FUCKING HELL!!!
I had a Waja in front of me that braked abruptly. Then the Wira behind me almost kissed my bumper. Beside me, it’s a kancil who decided that she wanna join in the party hence came into lane when all that happened. MAHAI…stupid Kancil! one more inch, she will bang into me and killed me. Anyway, She braked so hard that her head hitted the steering wheel. Thank GOD! She smiled at me. She was quite sweat lar but that did not mean that i couldn’t show her my middle finger. Hence, i did.
Then on the road heading from Jalan Parlimen to Jalan Duta, a DAMN Proton Saga suddenly decided to change into my lane. Mahai, couldn’t he see that i am surrounded by 6 to 8 motorcyclists and we are going at 80-90km/s. Sadly, he didn’t. My heart almost skipped out when i saw him coming in. I had no space to move. All i could think of is to release my accelerator and hope that the motorcyclist would sped up…Thank GOD, no one was killed.
Later on near the toll plaza, I changed swiftly from the right lane to the mid lane so i can use the Touch n Go. The moment i did that, the Storm beside me decided that he wanted to do the same. So, half of his car moved into my lane. Thus, trying to squeeze me out…I looked the rear mirror and saw the MPV behind was still far away. So i signalled and moved slowly to the right again. Nevertheless, the MPV decided that he was bigger than me so i had no right of way in his lane. He decided to speed up when half my car was in the right lane. Therefore, i was sandwiched between a Storm and a MPV…”DIE!!! DIE!!!” i thought to myself. Lucky the Kancil in front of me speeded up hence i pressed my accelerator and sped up front.

20 thoughts on “So I am blessed…”

  1. thank goodness someone shares my sentiments.
    apparently u you use up like 2100 KCAL when you put on your signals….
    so these ppl need to save energy to bonk their partners at home later.

  2. what an experience~woohoo….i am curious to know what’s the driver’s response when u showed her the middle finger??do u think u r a bit harsh…?=P

  3. oh i hate stupid drivers!!! what’s the point of having signals and mirrors if they don’t use it!!! grrrrrrr
    there was this once.. i was in a cab (car in workshop) going to work.. we were on the main road.. got another lane to come in, got the ‘beri laluan’ sign u know?
    then some stupid kancil simply go drive thru.. taxi had to jam brake and swerve to the left!! nasib baik the car to the left was quite far behind.. if not sure langgar..

  4. chuoming : probably i concentrate too much on flashing my middle finger lar…hahahha
    yvonne: I knew it…no wonder i never lose any weight…=P
    wolfx@work: Ya..good idea!

  5. frank did u read yesterday’s papers? some dude got arrested and fined after he showed his midddle finger to the wrong person..a police in plain clothes kekeke

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