Freeze, you have been scammed

Almost everyday, all my email accounts are littered with emails from scammers wanting to give a few millions Dollar to me for save keeping. The latest was a Desmond Tucker from Liberia, claiming to have $21.5m in a vaults of a classified International Security company in Monrovia (Where on earth is that?).

The email written by “scammer” Des
As I had received his email in all my 4 email account on the same day,I decided to write him back, to show appreciation of his enthusiasm:-
Dear Des,
It is a pleasure knowing that you trust me with $21.5m. Why don’t you drop the money at my door step tomorrow morning? I promise that I will sleep on it every night. Until then, may God bless your kind heart.
Yours sincerely,

Now just when I thought that I had to be the dumbest person in the world to ask a scammer to do that, I saw the story of “scambaiter” Mike from UK.
Mike received a random email from a man claiming to be Prince Joe Ebon, chairman of a subsidiary of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation. Eboh said he needed to get money out of Nigeria and was offering to transfer $US25 million to Mike’s account if he would send his bank details. Mike was promised $6.25 million if he helped.
Mike sent an email back, calling himself Father Hector and saying he would love to help but he could only have business dealings with members of his religious order, the Holy Church of the Order of the Red Breast. Eboh said, of course, he would convert. Mike sent him details on how to paint a red circle over his breast to join. Eboh duly sent Mike a picture of himself with painted breast and signed a membership form vowing not to covet his neighbour’s ass, to never listen to hip-hop and to honour the words of church guru Shiver Metimbers. Eboh pleaded for $18,000 to register the church in Nigeria so he could transfer the $25 million. Mike hit back, saying that under church rules he had to pay a clearance fee of $80 before he could withdraw $18,000. As a monk he had no money and asked Eboh for it.
Surprisingly, Eboh sent Mike the money by courier, which cost him $49.Eboh was down $129. He then got a message from church elder Father Mike Myers saying Father Hector had run off with $18,000 in church Funds. Father Hector sent a last email telling Eboh he had lost the money investing in a business exporting snow to Siberia and run off to join a circus.
NOTE: The story of “scam baiter” Mike was published in Melbourne Age and Sydney Morning Herald

7 thoughts on “Freeze, you have been scammed”

  1. i read about an article on last year’s reader’s digest regarding about these bonkers nigerian claming to have few millions in their account and would like to share them with you if you do them some favour.these people had actually cheated alot of rich businessmenin the first, i thought they are some professional conmen when i read through that article.but now i guess not.coz their filthy cheating method has eventually turned to some lousy scam mails ?

  2. bent: They are more like spammers to me nowadays. I receive more than 2 email per day from the scammers.
    gguni: No problem one, most of my programe like Maxthon (my browser), flashget, and shareaza are not on auto start. I only turn them on when i need to. Furthermore, i have quite a lot of RAM.
    girl: thanks you. i am glad that you like it =)
    cozzer: thanks for the information. =)

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