13 thoughts on “Shopping in 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur”

  1. nice. shopping in 1u gets a vulgar leong 😉 hahahaha….
    that T-shirt looks awesome, do they have a version suitable for gals….in a baby tee cut? *kiddin*

  2. bent: you know..when a girl’s aunty comes to visit..she could feel better by taking those pills
    kerhoong: tehy actually have loads of nice shirts ! vulgar ones esp 😀 the shop is called foreskin
    Darren: mmmm, its censored anyway.. no worriesh eheh
    frank: tell her that you’ll sue her if she does

  3. Joyce: aiyoh, I realized it after I inserted the font onto the picture. Too lazy to change back hehe
    iHaveBigBiGBalls: they have many other nice tshirts as well..very cheap too! 😀
    myko: nvm, make sure u come here next summer hehe

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