Genting Rave – 16.8.2003

Sui Lin, Ryan, Cris and I reached Sui Lin?s apartment (located on the foothill of Genting Highlands) about 6PM. We unpacked our bags and goodies, watched a Malay army show on a 20 year old television (it has only one channel hence we were forced to watch it. Surprisingly, the 20 year old box still has power to glue our eyes on it even though the screen was all fuzzy) and change. We lamed around in the apartment for an hour or so before we headed to Genting to have dinner (fast food again).

Cris had free ticket. I couldn?t get my free ticket from a friend so Ryan and I ended up buying the RM50 ticket. Sui Lin was waiting for Rueben for her free ticket but we had to wait for Rueben for couple of hours at Starbucks. Gavin came with his parents and sister and he had couple of VIP passes. Goddamn it, if I knew earlier, I wouldn?t have bought the RM50 tickets. Anyway, the VIP passes come with a tag with the word VIP on it and VIPs are entitled to free flow of beer on a special tent with security guards guarding the entrance. We got our share of free flow beer as Gavin?s dad helped us to get into the VIP area. Thanks Gavin 😀

At the beginning, the music sucks ass. The DJs were playing house music and lousy tribal break beats. Someone please shoot the deejays please. To add salt on wound, a friend of mine came over and said, ?eh, I saw your ex girlfriend just now, she has a new boyfriend eh?? What the fuck man..

Soon it started to drizzle. I was well prepared as I brought my trusty Sheffield Uni Muay Thai Club hoodie jacket along. The light rain didn?t dampen the clubbers? spirit and we raved under the rain. However, the rain got heavier and people scrambled into the tents.

As soon as heavy rain stops, we were back on the dance floor again. No doubt there was another exhibition of Melbourne Shuffle again. The scene is getting bigger again. During Melbourne Shuffle?s early days in Malaysia, shufflers were predominately Chinese. But now, there were a handful of Malay shufflers. My dream of making Melbourne Shuffle popular in KL came true!

Anyway, there were couple of late minute appearance of my fellow friends. Irene, Big Ben, Melvin and Sow came at the right time. Right time = raining heavily and lousy music. Ohh yeah I bet Big Ben loves Genting even more now!

We left the place about 5:30AM (party ends at 6AM). We were all tired, drenched and hungry and our feet were at the verge of falling off. Instead of heading back to Sui Lin?s apartment to sleep till late afternoon, we had to wake up early cause Sui Lin has catwalk practice in the afternoon.

Initially we planned to head home immediately but in the end we decided to sleep for couple of hours. Even though it?s only couple of hours, we woke up feeling much, much better. Oh yeah, Cris fingered Ryan while Ryan was sleeping. Ha ha. *private joke*

Pictures and video courtesy of Sui Lin

(L-R) CL, Cris, Sui Lin & Ryan

Me & Sui Lin

EisHin_X & Sui Lin *hehehe*

Liquid popping video @ Genting Rave

More pictures at Sui Lin‘s website

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