Indoor football finally!

Sharon asked me to blog. Nothing interesting happened today but since the sick girl requested me to blog today, I guess I’ll do so 😀 Get well soon! *hugz*

Anyway, I’m off to Genting for the Genting rave with Sui Lin and Cris. Genting Rave = Open air rave on top of a mountain. Sounds great? Of couse it does, but too bad Ben can’t join us tomorrow. Ha ha 😀

Finally, I got to play football. It wasn’t so enjoyable cause there were too many people and we had to wait quite long for other teams to finish a game (3 goals knockout game). My lousy team was knocked out from the game after 5 minutes of playing.

As usual, there were couple of injuries. I sprained my big toe and En Peng had his short pants ripped into half, showing off his underwear. We didn’t have any spare shorts for him but thank god there were no girls in the court otherwise it would be a free show for them. Ok, too tired too think and type. Oyasumi nasai..

asatte ni mata ne~

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