muaythai is back and wendee is still in the hospital

Wen Dee’s sister, Wen Kim is here in Sheffield. She’ll be here for 2 weeks.

Wen Dee wont be coming back today, she has to stay in the hospital for another day. Hope she gets well soon!
Wei Chen’s white roses for Wen Dee arrived today. It’s nicely wrapped with other types of green leaves, very, very nice. Apparently he got his friend here to buy it for him and sent it over to 16 Watson Road. So sweet of him 😀 hahahahaa

Muay Thai training is back again. I was supposed to bring Wen Kim along but she was still in the hospital. Training was great. It’s been 3 weeks since I trained. We had to condition our shin by kicking each other’s shin. It hurts!