Ghostly encounters

It’s true
It’s true. I did really see them. It was many years ago, when I was still a kid. Mum was playing mahjong with her friends and I was watching TV. I felt thirsty so I headed to the mahjong room. While on my way, an image, about 10 feet away, appeared in front of me. It happened very fast.

2 heads popped out from the door. Their eyes were huge and their face was purple and rotten. They were staring at me. I could clearly make out that the 2 heads were a woman and a boy. I screamed and fainted.

After all these year, I was unsure whether or not that incident really happened. I somehow think it was a bad dream. But today, my mum clarified it. She said that there was once she found me unconscious on the floor. I was having high fever. I?m sure that was after those 2 purple heads incident.

Well, this was not the first time our house had such ghostly encounters. There once was my tenants saw an image walking up and down the stairs. After that incident, they were so scared till they didn?t dare to come home alone.

Hard Rock Cafe
During the eve of Chinese New Year, families would gather for reunion dinner. In Kuala Lumpur, people would take a day off earlier in order to head back to their hometown for the reunion dinner. For the next few days, the city of Kuala Lumpur would be a ghost town. Shops will be closed, street will be empty.
Our usual dinner places would be closed too. So Dad made an early arrangement for tomorrow.

Dad: Is Esquire Kitchen open tomorrow?

Me: Yeah I guess so.

Mum: It will be opened tomorrow. Let?s have dinner there.

Me: Mmm, yeah sure.

Dad: mmmm? How about Hard Rock CafιΏ It sounds like a great place for reunion dinner!

Me: Errr?

13 thoughts on “Ghostly encounters”

  1. mahai…your house got too many whatever “i dont know what to describe” happenings!! landslide, zoo, ghosts, next time youre gonna say got bermuda triangle effect where people and objects just get sucked out into nowhere.

  2. u know what? I’m reading this around midnite and it give me the creeps, and the worst thing is I start how to imagine ur blog and those encounters…. aaarrrgghhh… mommy!!! πŸ™

  3. Shall we go to ur house n play Tarrot cards? Hehehehe, dun know y i am particularly interested in ghost n spirits. Its scary but exciting sometimes knowing that there is a creepy figure lurking around. Hehehehehhehe.

  4. Nah Beh xes, Thanxs lar……There goes my beautiful sweet dreamzzzzzzz……….By the way,Cool place to have reunion dinner!

  5. cool … i like ghosts .. without them .. there will be no more scaryyy movies … but personally, I am still skeptical about it’s existence

  6. gayvin: my house no gay people πŸ˜€ peniespup: :PYUMMIE: hehe tomolo u’ll see a purple ghst le ekkeivan: πŸ˜€ pikey: hahahahah that was my purpose of writing that entry..make poepls sked! kekeframk: fuck your tarot cards la..gimme bad readings..tiu 9 7 huifr0stie: too bad my mum is a vegeterain..Cm: cocaine doesnt make people hallunicate πŸ˜€ gguni: good good.. hope u had a nighmare ekkekemichaelooi: hehe u gotta see it to believe it πŸ˜€

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