life is all about chemicals..

According to recent scientific reports, it states that human feelings such as love, hunger, anger, lust and happiness are induced by chemicals in the human body. Well, it seems the human body is the thing that creates feelings for us. If we take the body away, what do we have? A soul? What kind of soul? A soul with no feelings due to the fact that the body is no longer there to provide chemicals?

Religions promised us heaven, the land of eternal happiness. But here, the body is no longer there to provide the chemicals to make us happy. How can there be eternal happiness?

Despite that, I never doubt the existence of a greater force. There was once I doubted the existence of a greater force, but until Abby Lu told me this,

โ€œImagine there’s this community of ants eking out their existence within an ant hill.

And one day, a person was to stumble across this ant hill and started to kick it, destroy it, or clear it.

To these ants, who have a very simple and no prior knowledge of external force.. it would seem as though, that human was very powerful indeed.

And that human.. could be to their simple minds.. a God..โ€

7 thoughts on “life is all about chemicals..”

  1. A mind can’t live without the body and a body can’t live without the mind. One relies on the other and it’s like a symbiotic relationship.I think the hormons or chemicals produce by the body is to enhance the experience of the mind. So therefore it explains why certain people acts compulsively.I think there are laws for that kinda crime rite xes?:P

  2. the mind can live without the body and the body cannot live without the mind. You have subconscious and full consciousness of the mind. Both can live without the body. Subconscious live without the body when we are dreaming and the full consciousness live without the body when the person is fully paralysed. But then I think the person would have gone insane if living with full consciouness without a body.Another example, sounds fictatious but it can be true in the future. It’s the concept of The Matrix. Mind without body.

  3. this remains an academic (or biological) debate but the prevalent idea is that the human indeed has vast untapped resources hidden within the subconscious mind. Those who are able to tap into it are people we call genuises or prodigies because somehow they’re able to cross the bridge of the conscious to the subconscious. But even then, they are not able to utilise it fully.perhaps the day humankind discovers how to build that bridge coupled with the publication of some “How to use the subconscious brain for Dummies” will be the day we all become semi-gods.

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