Gimme my change

Bought some stuff today at a store and it cost me RM23.91. Gave the cashier RM25 and when my change was given back to me, it was only RM1.05.
I was too tired to make a big fuss, and i’ve never made a big fuss over the 1 sen coins before. Some people do insist, because they say it’s a matter of principle. Most of my friends do, whereas some won’t bother.
Some shops are generous enough to give you 10 sen change instead of short-changing you. And I like that. 😉

9 thoughts on “Gimme my change”

  1. The 1 cent coins should be taken out of circulation, and everything at stores should be rounded to the nearest 5 cent.
    That’s what happened in Australia in 1992. Interestingly the 1 & 2 cent coins were melted down and used to make the bronze medals in the 2000 SYD Olympics.
    OMG…just remembered, still got some Malaysian coins in my wallet. RM1.66…LOL, thanks for the reminder Bimbobum.

  2. The government should pass a law to withdraw all 1 cents and all figures should be round up to the nearest 5 cents. Then all the 1 cents to supplement the 9th Malaysian plan. ekek

  3. I’ll make a fuss if the cashier didn’t ask me for 1 sen/ tell me he doesn’t have enough change. I hate those who straight away assume people don’t want their one sen change..

  4. pay toll! LOL! imagine during balik kampung time, pay that huge amount of toll with 1 sen.
    it would really be great if everything is rounded up, instead of having prices at RM4.99, RM69.99 etc…

  5. jk: U made a boo boo. In Aussie, 1.95 is already rounded off. Round off is to nearest 5 cents.
    What you mean is, if goods are advertised at price of $4.99 then amount owing is be $5.00
    What is the 9th Malaysian plan?

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