My Birthday 2007 – Part II

Well, well, my birthday marathon has finally come to an end. Thank you to all who organised it. Based on previous experience, it’s best to celebrate my birthday with different group of friends on different days. This would enable me to mingle around easier and catch up with friends that I’ve not seen for quite some time.

Anyway, introducing the list of celebration:

22 September 2007 – with Angeline, Big Ben, Don & Sam, ivN, Elaine, Pei Ying, SharonD, Sui Lin & Kenny, Melvin, Vietnam Jeff, Sow, Zing & Charmaine and so on (“1st Bday“)

23 September 2007 – with A at Lemon Garden, Shangrila Hotel (“2nd Bday“)

24 September 2007 – afternoon with colleagues (“3rd Bday“), dinner with parents (“4th Bday“)

29 September 2007 – with WK, yMing, Kiang, Tay & gf and Ping (“5th Bday“)

30 September 2007 – with Sheffield mates, Big Ass J, Cynthia, Chuoming, Frank & Hazel, Michie and Su Ween (“6th Bday“)

I’ve never eaten so many cakes in a week in my life before.

2nd Bday

Since I signed up for the Prestige Platinum membership at Shangri-la , I decided to have dinner with A at Lemon Garden. Few years back, I celebrate ivN and Sam’s birthday there. The place was excellent and the food was good.
However, this time round, the restaurant had turned into a playground. Kids were running and jumping around. I even had one kid crawling under my chair.

The food wasn’t excellent as well. The variety had lessened and their raw food such as sashimi and oyster are no longer fresh. Service doesn’t come with a smile too. How disappointing.

The good thing about Prestige Platinum membership is that by signing up as a member, I am entitled to a free cake (strawberry tiramisu!), 2 complimentary glasses of house wine (which I didn’t finish) and a bottle of wine. Further, I am entitled to 50% discount off my bill!


3rd Bday
My birthday celebration with my colleagues was rather low key. In fact, very low key. It was just 4 of my colleagues! The rest were either rushing for something, on leave or going out station.

But we celebrate it at the place that I’ve always wanted – McDonalds, without Ronald McDonalds… and A&W Bear.. and Colonel Sanders beating the shit out of each other. 🙁

5th Bday

My high school mates gathered at our old place Happy Cafe, a small alfresco cafe which serves beer at RM24 per jug. It was also a joint birthday drink up with yMing and Kiang whose birthdays fall within the same month. We started off mildly with few glasses of beer and fueled it with chips and peanuts.

Thanks to WK and Tay, who repeated said, “WOI DRINK HALF”, “DRINK ALL” and “2 MORE JUGS!!”.

We slugged it out with 7 jugs of beer leaving me puking in the toilet while brushing my teeth in the shower. I had peanuts coming out from my nose.

We went home at 2am (!!!) feeling like crap.

6th Bday
This birthday was a little bit more civilized save for the cake cutting session. As usual, I had to pull out a piece of candle, which is planted deep into the cake, out from the cake – using my teeth. I had cake all over my bootiful face.
We had dinner at this place called Cipolla @ Jalan Telawi 2 which serves, among others, Italian food. Excellent interior and service. Plain water is free of charge unlike Izzi restaurant @ Uptown Damansara.

Our dinner was initially booked at one posh Indian restaurant but we changed after I said, “Pay so much for mamak food ah??”. Other suggestions like Tai Thong Chinese restaurant and Bah Kut Teh were shot down.

I think this is the 7th year my Sheffield mates celebrated my birthday. How touching. Heh. But they’ve gone so used to it until they write their wishes on birthday card in front of me, had my birthday cake – still in a box – shown to me and being passed on to a waiter telling them to refrigerate it and the costs of the birthday cake being revealed to me etc.

Thank you all for the wishes and company!

Till next year!

9 thoughts on “My Birthday 2007 – Part II”

  1. you should sign up for starwood (westin, sheratonS and Le meridien) instead…. complimentary stay, free meals voucher, great deals for their outstation resort packages, free wine for min 4 diners and of cuz 50% for all their restaurants except for sunday bubbly lunch @ Prego….. and some others la
    all for RM550 per year!!!

  2. hahaa…u went during Ramadhan period of coz…kids around up and down..I hate that…eww…
    food not…write on comment card please do complain for improvement. hehehe…
    fuyoh! b’day batch marathon…
    next time , u may try out zipangu weekend buffet, jp buffet @ EQ kl or jogoya at starhill. :p

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