Thanks to Jasmine, I have gmail. 1gig worth of email space!! yaBedaBedOoo!!

However, gmail isn’t user friendly. I have to view my attachment one by one and I can’t view it through Outlook Express.

No, I cant invite anybody cause I’m an invitee 😀

If you want gmail, click here or email me at!

12 thoughts on “gmail”

  1. sft00t: er..what i meant was gmail doesnt support outlook. the part about open attachment one by one different issue keke gmail not as friendly as hotmail.ivn: go buy a cheap one..then resell keke yummie: it’s a free mail by google..only for those with blogger acc.. and it has 1gig worth of webspace 😀 jasmine: sell it! 😀

  2. Crazy!!! USD51!!! Gmail is suppose to be a free webmail service. nvm lar, i can wait. I don’t need 1GB webmail space anyway since i receive nude photos very often. =P

  3. gmail == no provacy as all emails are scanned by the server before it comes to the inbox – google uses the info on an expert system to recommend products to sell to you

  4. urmm…i think if ur a member of blogspot ur kinda invited into it, cause i just got mine from the dashboard of blogger…

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