Ants. A tribe in South America dips them in chocolate and eats them as snacks. Malays believe that eating ants will make them forgetful. Ozzy Osbourne snorted them like cocaine.

I tried eating ants before, well accidentally. They didn’t taste nice and in fact horrible. I was eating some snacks on the bed and left it open before dozing off. I woke up an hour later, feeling blur, I reached for my snack. Unknown to me, it was covered with smelly ants. And ohh yeahhh..the tasteeee wass mmmmm… revolving..euww

So today,
Ahh…mangosteens.. good for hot weather..mmm..*chew chew chew*
Few pieces later..hmm..something taste funny and seems to be moving..
God damn it..i ate a bunch of ants.. euwwww

16 thoughts on “ants”

  1. hehehe… next time dont leave your snacks opened ok? but then… can try to leave your… ice choc, ice cream like this lar… maybe those ants can act as Chocolate Chips!! *yumyum*

  2. what about crunching on a caterpillar when you’re eating your claypot noodles’ “choy sum”?! yuckity yuck yuck! *hehe*

  3. Red ants have this kinda smell which smells like insect repellent and i suppose taste like that as well.

  4. gguni: ants are good for health..mmmivan: wah..what type of ants.lola: EUW!!! was the worm good? 😀 Sehsehlan: wah didnt know u like ants keke yummie: euw.. i know u always do that one keke kmoc: pork? what pork? yes i eat porkfer: wah..u tried before ah ferkerwolfx: euw.. what made u eat red ants?? eheh

  5. haha.. i dont, dont know why it sorta links to crunch to me.. haha.. too much timon n pumbaa cartoons :p

  6. Xes: bodoh…i said they have this smell…very strong wan….u oso sure smell before. I have no idea how they taste like.

  7. sehehalan: timbaa and pumba? never heard of them! keke they eat ants as well? kekewolfx: stupid bapok i’ve never heard of smelly red ant..but there were smelly blackish ants though..and yeah they were the one i ate .. eheh

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