Golden Jubilee Celebration of Independence of Malaysia

In conjunction with our country’s 50th national day celebration, Pos Malaysia has issued new set of stamps commemorating the same.

It’s also our current Prime Minister, Abdullah Badawi’s first time appearing in Malaysian stamps
Further to the stamps, Pos Malaysia has issued a set of 3 stamps made of pure gold.

At RM16,800 a set!
Pos Malaysia – Golden Jubilee Celebration of Independence of Malaysia
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p/s In – Stamps to mark golden jubilee namely the part where they said, “The third stamp will remain a surprise until it is made available to the public”. I think the third stamp is the stamp above. If you don’t know the background of the above stamp, it was the first stamp issued under the name of Malaysia in 1963.
I have a stamps catalogue of Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. I’m a g33k 😛

10 thoughts on “Golden Jubilee Celebration of Independence of Malaysia”

  1. my most interesting stamp in my collection is from the Japanese occupation and the British penny Red….and they didnt cost an arm and a leg

  2. Darren: yeah man. but can pay in installment hehe
    khinko: invest in stamps!
    CGH: wow, where did you get those stamps? i wanted to get a red/black penny butthen it costs a bomb.

  3. There are many types of Penny Red and prices range…I got it from the old railroad station stamp fair,rare piece of history ..ya know the husband and wife team from Ipoh?.Once I asked a stamp vendor in amcorp mall about Jap occupation he said food was so scarce,everyone dying of hunger where got luxury time to collect stamps!

  4. Ya I noticed that blog and I thought to myself..hey, i thought i was odd one…thanks for reviving my interest in stamp collecting!

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