goldfish memory

It has been a crazy week for me this week so far. Sometimes not because there is too much work to do but every so often, there are these amusing episodes which again, makes me wonder (like Sow) which circus I work for again??

One day at a senior management photo shoot session; we had a bunch of bosses there to have their annual photos taken. So after a really long time trying to get them to ?Look natural!? or ?Look candid!?, we decided to give them a break ? their smirks were beginning to look plastic. So we headed to the next room where they could chill out awhile. After awhile, one of the bosses ? Mr L ? entered the same room where we were having the photo shoot through a different entrance and here?s what happened?

Mr L: Eh! I didn?t realise there was another photo shoot going on.
Me: ?? It?s the same one, Mr L.
Mr L: No no! I don?t remember this (rattles the light stand) or this (points at chair) or that (gestures at something else in the garish room) just now.
Me: But that?s the same chair you were sitting on a while ago..
Mr L: No no! I remembered very clearly!
Me: (starring at him incredulously, wondering if he was pulling my foot) Erm.. Ok?


Oh well. At least he went on with the shoot, thinking that it was an entirely different setting and room altogether. Its like living a life of a goldfish? round and round the fish bowl, thinking its in a whole new different universe every few seconds or so. Simple.

That could be a good thing though. 😉

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