Great news!!

Manchester United football club has arrived in Malaysia! They have now established a company in Malaysia. However, it is not football related. It is solely on money laundering business!’s actually a name card of a loan shark I found on a coffeeshop. They have been distributing their name cards everywhere, even under my car handle!

7 thoughts on “MU”

  1. mahemm.. u not sked ah long track u down ah! simply publish their business card! ;Poh well.. free advertisement anyway. lol

  2. wah leongzz..damn free right ..u research on their illegality somemore…study lar for CLP..hehe.

  3. Why you censor the phone number out la? I’m sure they’d be more than delighted to get free publicity in here … And who knows, they might give you incentives! Kekeke …

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