Grinder Sow’s Steal water, Suck Oil and grind with unknown chicks belated birthday bash @ Velvet

It was an excellent night. Sathya, Tay, Sow, ivN Melvin, Sharon Dilirius, Gena the Filipino chick and I were drinking all night long.

We had one table by the side of the dancefloor. Sow got a little bit bored and told ivN,

“Tell me which chick is cute!”.

ivN: neh!! that one over there. (randomly pointing towards the crowd)

Sow then went over one girl and mumbled something to the girl. The girl then came over to introduce herself. Her name is Valerie.

Sow, ivN and I introduced ourselves. When it came to my turn to introduce myself, the girl stepped forward, smiled widely and said, “Are you Ivan???”

Me: No! Ivan is next to me..

She then sprung towards ivN.

I walked off thereafter. I asked Sow how he managed to get the girl over.

Sow: I told Valerie, “Hey! My friend ivN thinks you’re cute!!”.

I bumped into another lawyer, who is also my opponent in a case which I’m involved in. Hot girl, I saw one uncle with bodyguards hitting on her. Nevertheless, I went to say hi.

Me: Hi hi! How are you?
M: Good! How about you?
Me: Good! Oh, I just served you 2 applications on Friday! It’s fixed for hearing on Tuesday!
M: O______________________________________O||||

Suilin, Sow & Gena

Sharon Dilirius @ DJ Anatta & Sui Lin

Gena & Sui Lin

Me & ivN

Pictures courtesy of Sui

We couldnt get Sow drunk cause he said he had to work the following day O___O

16 thoughts on “Grinder Sow’s Steal water, Suck Oil and grind with unknown chicks belated birthday bash @ Velvet”

  1. which day u were at velvet?
    was it like last week? i was there la..and i think i saw a few familiar faces, eg suilin?
    anyway, it was a fun night..and i was surprised by myself…i knew most of the songs.. -.-“”

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