handphone fixed!

Jin Han brought me to Lifestyle shopping complex to fix my phone today. Before that, we went to another hand phone shop to quote the price. We headed to Lifestyle after the shop wanted to charge me rm100 plus and they wont provide an extra phone for me to use while they fix the phone.
As I approach the butch working on the stall,

“How much to fix it?”
“RM90, what’s wrong with it?”
“The screen’s gone blank, I guess it’s the LCD, How much to fix it?”
“RM90, it will only take 15 minutes”
“Will you provide me with an extra phone while you fix my phone?”
“You don’t need one, I’ll fix it in 15 minutes! Now go walk around and come back in a while”

She took less than 15 minutes to fix it. The stall was totally unprofessional and messy. I can’t believe that she could fix a hand phone within minutes in such a place.

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