New Years Eve. It’s just another day for me.

New years eve
Initially I planned for a quiet New Years Eve. However, after a long argument with Melody, we headed to Bangsar for the countdown.

Initially, I thought we’re doomed. I thought the traffic would so be so bad that we’ll eventually end up doing the countdown in the car. However, parking was easy. We did it in 15 minutes.

Bangsar’s main road was packed with people. So pack that people had to push and shovel to move. But yet everybody wanted to stay on the main street to countdown. Melody and I on the other hand bought 2 jugs of Midori illusions at echo jazz bar.

The crowd in echo was really bad. Most of them can’t dance. They swung around like monkeys. Furthermore, the DJ didn’t turn out for work thus they had to play CDs to entertain the crowd. There was even once a group of guys started stripping one of their friend’s pants. They did that in the middle of the dance floor.

Yit Meng and his friend dropped by at echo. He was disappointed with the crowd too.
Countdown was horrible. Everyone tried to squeeze him or herself onto the main road. We couldn’t even walk out from echo. Moreover, some rascals from the upper part of the shops were throwing stuff down to the crowd.

We left the place in a state of boredom. But oh well, it’s better than staying home doing nothing.