happy bday ben!


Nahh, thats not him. He’s not that sexy.

This is Benjamin Hon 😀

Ben & I @ Zing’s house

Ok I admit, we do look a bit gay but he’s gay I’m not. Ha ha.

Ah, I had to change the picture. Sui Lin said I look damn gay on it. eheh

12 thoughts on “happy bday ben!”

  1. Did you realise that the pearls at Lucky Cup are not fresh? LOL! That’s where we go if we’re trying to get rid of the toxins inside the body. Hail the “lau-sai”-ness!

  2. i know the first pic u got it from injenue.com u ghey ass!!!!…. i’m gay? look who’s the one hugging my neck man!!!….i may be gay to some but u’re total gay to all!!!!..hee hee

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