siew lee leaves :( :( :(

Siew Lee left for London today. :'( I feel damn sad-lar… Miss you lots lots lots already, girl!!! You take care in that big city, ok… don’t let those horny boys pok-mong you, don’t watch too many of them chinese series, don’t itchy-butt go jogging at night-ar (it ain’t sheffield no more, yah?), don’t be opening any random logfiles either yah 😀 and don’t let Alex and Chuo Ming talk you into playing PS2 or Utopia with them, k? And babe, while I can’t be downstairs in the basement to be there for you anymore, I will always be here for you, k? 😉 Faster come back!!!!!!!!!!!

Been getting damn sentimental thinking of how things were in Watson 16. I miss every single one of the housemates. All the quirks and fancies of each of them. The strange ones, the amusing ones or the just plain confusing ones. The things we used to do like cook together, eat dinner together squashed in the kitchen, sitting around the tv watching them play ps2, sitting around the computer watching porn (:D okay, just once) or just hanging around talking all night long. Those were pretty good times.. 🙂 and I miss them so much!!!!!

Moving on… the green-eye monster in me has risen yet again. I hate myself for it. While this may be just one of the many arguments we will have.. I wonder if there may be one big BOOM tat ends it all. Don’t believe it when a person tells you that he/she is jealous coz he/she loves you. I tell you now, that’s bullshit. I’m jealous coz that’s the way I am. Could be envy, why couldn’t you be out with me instead? but I’m just goddamn green all over. I am unreasonable, I wanna be unreasonable, just let me BE unreasonable.. *sits in the corner and cries*

I definitely need retail therapy… anybody up for shopping? Just give me a ring…


6 thoughts on “siew lee leaves :( :( :(”

  1. no worries dee, i think we all have a little bit of that in us. so you’re not abnormal, or unreasonable, for that matter. me thinks it’s just the way you handle it 🙂 cheer up and i hope you get your retail therapy. retail therapy si teh r0xX0rs 🙂

  2. babe!!!! i really really miss you ere.. thanks for that piece of’ll tell you more in e-mail. *hugs*

  3. i was viewing my pictures in the pc yesterday and i saw a pic of my room…reminds me nothing but only frank barging into my room and caused the whole door nearly to collapse. “£$%..

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