Jinhan wrote about Hen on his website. I feel like doing the same as well.

Lets see, I don’t remember when I met Hen, but we were in the same primary school.

In high school, we hung out a lot. Remember the days when we would take a taxi to 1 Utama just to meet some IRC chicks? haha those were the days!! Remember Yin Jia HEN??? HAHAHAH

So anyway, if I were to write about the things that we went through for this couple of years, I think it would be thicker than the encyclopedia. This short post is just to wish you


12 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEN!”

  1. hahaa yesh .. at tht time xes had middle parting n loved eating siew paos ..ahh ive sent da pics to yer email dude .. too dark leh .. fix da pic for us ahah

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