18 thoughts on “food in tokyo

  1. avatarxes

    karheng: fine dining, but dinner @ roppongi cost me about 4000 yen eishin: she’s mine!! dont potong queue!! hehe!! louyaumike: AHHAHAHAH OH SI!!!

  2. avatarterjin

    *drool’s at the food*weh so how did u come back la….ur arse must be so heavy…how DID the plane lift off?hehehheeh =p

  3. avatarjasngoi

    wah food looks good leongie…how was your japan trip overall? havent spoke to you for ages now. dont see u online on msn?

  4. avatarxes

    delirius: me tototoo!! but too bad my father dont print money, otherwise ill be eating it everyday!! gguni: :D~~ jasngoi: japan was good..mmm..sorry busy with work lately.karheng: 100 yen about rm3.5. so 4000 x 0.035.frostie: heheahea penang can makan also wahttt saphiryn: welcome welcome!! welcome to my blog!! hehe! i lovee sushiii as weelllll

  5. avatarxes

    hekhek!! yes!! JANE!! marry me!!! oh yeah i heard jap wifes washes their husband’s feet when they come home from worrrkkk :D~


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