Happy Chinese New Year 2006

I forgot to wish all the readers of www.xes.cx because i was away. Ya, back for CNY at my hometown. Well, before the celebration of Chinese New Year ends for good. Gong Xi Fa Chai

I hope all of you have collected as many Ang Pow as the red lanterns here…

How’s my CNY? Ok la but i think my ass got bigger after that because :-

I have problem getting out of my house.

14 thoughts on “Happy Chinese New Year 2006”

  1. ahaha i’d never thought of that when i pass by that snoopyride at 1u the other day 😀 now i know there’s gonna be a mark left by u there 😀

  2. Sharon: i am stuck…come n give me a hand!!! arrrgh….
    bimbo: what? Not happy ar? I no money have to stay with snoopy mah.
    hoonfai: hahahha..snoopydrive will never look the same to u now.

  3. wei frank…your expression on the last pic looks as if theres someone banging you from the back la….no wonder you are stuck.

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