innOcent flirting 2

i never noticed before that he was that good looking.

so good looking, that i couldn’t help but stare at his profile as i sat beside him in the car.

i couldn’t help but enjoyed the view as he sat across me when we had lunch.

i couldn’t help it when my heart made little skips when his lips curled up into a smile.

or when he laughed, his eyes crinkled.

that til now, my heart continues to thump a rhythm of its own.

so bloody cute….


i’m such a sucker for cute faces.

i’m going to go and look at my dog.
+[edit @ 5am]+

this is actually related to this. i know i know, stay away and all. everything is just normal, for me. *takes a deep breath* snuffing out the crush was easy, because someone else came into the picture, a real sweetie, who reminds me of this attached guy. so my crush sort of shifted to him instead.

and then i suddenly had lunch with mr. attached. i had to stop myself from pouncing on him i had to try not to drool.

and then i heard him end the telephone conversation with his girlfriend with a “love you”.

thank goodness he adores his girlfriend.
BUT i can still drool over his good looks, right? *mopes*

19 thoughts on “innOcent flirting 2”

  1. frank: erm… i dated my dog?
    kimberly: seriously eye candy. i think he knows it, so he flaunts it. ;P
    xes: *smacks xes with pb kitkat* i not fren u liao!! i didn’t say he’s the best guy in the world la. he’s just good looking.
    rych: wah…. frank mesti kembang one. ;PPpPPp

  2. electronicfly: agreed. but they can’t be so arrogant bout it, the guys i mean. hehe. must be modest and humble ma….. erm, at least pretend to be. =)
    frank: =X
    pokai: send me your photo and let me see la. ;pPp faster faster send.
    ops, forgot to wish everyone haPPy ValentIne’S daY =)

  3. valen’s day are so meaningless…ppl says the more flower the guy giv to girl , the more he desperate to get her laid . u agree?..lolz

  4. bosanova: no la…. not really la….. but the guys must answer that for you.
    wolfx: and fank’s wifey will come chasing me wif a parang. =))

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