heeeee blur

I got this from Jane’s blog 😀 It was a picture we took @ Singapore’s night safari.

sate, korewa nani no shashin desyou?
well now, what picture is this?



Leong: I know!!! It’s an elephant!!!!

9 thoughts on “heeeee blur”

  1. frank: hmmmm confirm elephant laa
    darren: mmmmmm…long necked elephant?
    darksoul: wah u smart la!! lemme kisss u!! chuchuchu!!
    pikey: its http://blog.livedoor.jp/janemika/. the blogs in japanese hence good place for us to improve our japanese..hehe
    dogma: LOL btw we saw a tapir roaming freely in the safari!!
    Applegal: sob sob..finally someone understood the post.. eheh

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