Tek-NiCianz Presents ‘Ultimate Dance’ @ Atmosphere

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Tek-nicianz labourers and DJs WllyThKd and Sreal are all about mind boggling hard dance and some trancin’; you’d think they just didn’t bother fussing about anything else.

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For shufflers, clubbers and most importantly: those who are out there to dig the bass infected melody and have fun, hop by because the boys might just succeed in converting you.
Happens every Thursday. 9pm. RM25 inc. 1 drink.

11 thoughts on “Tek-NiCianz Presents ‘Ultimate Dance’ @ Atmosphere”

  1. hi..i really luv dj sreal!!! where is he??? does he have a gf??? i wanna “KAO” him!! he is so hot!! im oso very hot!! do ihave a chance annout sreal??? u r very surreal to me
    luv ya
    muaks muaks
    kissy kissy
    hugz hugz
    ur lover

  2. nk shuffel leh x kt sn.
    enjoy yourself….i cant do it…come….join us…trance its best

  3. Hai~ i went there yestrday…..sausage party! But it’s fun cause there are some very good shufflers around!

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