It’s so ironic to post right after ‘I want sex on a Ferrari’.

For a start, I have been using the nick galFeRari since the creation of MIRC. There’s a missing ‘R’ in the middle because of the then IRC allowed only a max of 9 alphabets in every nick.

Often referred to as DimSum by Xes, although I seriously cannot tell how my name, Tobie Chow Wan San can be connoted to it.

Nope, I would seriously not have sex on a ferrari, not if it’s mine…

p/s: many thanks to XeS for letting me be one of his guestbloggers!!

6 thoughts on “HeLLooOO!!”

  1. Frank: thanks frank!Sheffield’s still the same, but crookesmoor library has now 30 more new computers!=DDogma: You’re not running some match-making company or private investigation services are you?? *winksheeheeheh..

  2. galferari: 30 new computer in the Library…hmmm…Has anyone discover that Tony Richardson’s hair is fake yet?

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