DB: Baby I should have xxxxx you that night but don’t worry I’ll make up for that. I’m going to xxxxx you for a long long time . . . I’m driving and I’ve nearly crashed after that message, keep them coming. X

SM: How fast are you driving and what car is it?

DB: Too fast and the Ferrari. X

Later Sarah texts: I’m sitting next to you, getting ready to . . .

DB: Too late. I’ve already got my clothes off ready to . . .

SM: It’s an Armani spaghetti-strap dress you can see. I have naughty Pradas on with garter belt. I like taking my time. Unlike you. Have driven down a dark alley and am already trying to tear everything off with one hand, and with the other . . .

DB: Sarah, them straps come off them gorgeous shoulders slowly, to reveal THE BODY and then I take my time with the rest of you. I won’t be rushing anything.

SM: Really. Just as you try to put your hand up my thighs, get out of the car walk over to your side, your car lights still on so you can see me strip in front of ya Ferrari into nothing but my lingerie, open your door, push your seat down and get on top of you.

DB: I could stop the car, pull the hand brake. Lie you on top of the car, slide my hands up your xxxxx , pull them down and kiss all the way up the inside of your legs and then I would xxxxx you and xxxxx your xxxxx and then make love to you on the car. X

In other texts, Becks is alleged to have said: I need to c u so bad. I need that neck . . . I’m still feeling that electricity! Are you? I wanted you the first time I saw you. XX

I want my mouth in more places the next time. First of all your neck, then it would be your xxxxx, then I would make love to you for some time then a cuddle and a kiss. X

You like being taken by surprise u like your calfs massaged u like the xxxxx, you like it nice and slow but you also like it fast and furious! I can’t wait to kiss u head to toe then sit you down and your xxxxx and xxxxx u so hard 🙂 X

SARAH Marbeck claims that David Beckham sent her racy text messages in which he fantasised about making love to her on the bonnet of the Ferrari 550 that Posh bought him.

Recent stories over the 28-year-old football hero’s alleged infidelity have filled the pages of all the British tabloid newspapers.

Rebecca Loos, the footballer’s former PA, is to give a TV interview with Sky One over claims of her affair with Beckham.

Malaysian-born Sarah Marbeck, 29, also alleges that she slept with Beckham.

In a statement released by her lawyer in Australia, Marbeck said she decided to reveal the alleged relationship because she spent two years waiting for the England captain.

“He said he loved me and I slept with the phone by my bed waiting for it to ring.

Sarah Marbeck.. 😀

20 thoughts on “I WANT SEX ON A FERRARI”

  1. the news on becks’ affairs is all i see on the newspapers here lor… didn’t expect to see you covering it too! is there no escape?? :p

  2. Applegal: BUT…but…Victoria is FLAT too. Xes:First we have an Australian pop idol winner from Malaysia. NOW we have Sarah Marbeck, from Malaysia who claim that beckham fucked her. WAH!!! MALAYSIA BOLEH!!! *waving a small Malaysia flag* Pak Lah will be so proud when he hears about this.

  3. thats the stuff lah leong! post more nudy pics!! :Dhum… malaysian born aussie idol, malaysian born charbor who have affair with captain. now all we need now is malaysian born serial killer with highest victim count….

  4. jasmine: it’s on The Star’s main page! ;D applegal: eum..she’s alright.. 😀 intro applegal? 😀 frank: kekekesow: keke porn pics ah.. sked la.. later ppl brand my website as porno website heeh Ben: after reading the 1st and second paragraph.. i closed the window..damn lame la keke

  5. Ben: The melay version is much better than the English version in The Star, especially this ““Kemudian dia memimpin saya ke katil dan mengurut dan mencium saya. Dia mencumbui saya dengan caranya amat mengkagumkan. Saya tidak ingat berapa lama kami di atas katil…”

  6. frank, as a footie fan, i think all e rubbish r being planned by beckham himself. let’s face it, all these scandals come at a veli veli veli appropriate time when beckham’s form in real is like shit.i guess he just play along all these things at e rite moment 2 hide his lousy form. let’s face it, exit from spanish cup, exit from champions league n down from e lead of la liga, n next e scandals all come at e same time. nobody actually raise tis suspicious coincidence.everything is well-planned. wat more? when real exited e champs league, beckham was blamed becoz he purposely get a lousy card in e dying mins of e 1st leg in e hope 2 keep clean 2 play chelsea/arsenal later. but all these scandals actually help e attention 2 b moved instead. veli clever indeed!

  7. DieHardX: Ah niel, as long as David lead his team (England) to Semi Final of EURO 2004, i will be happy. I don’t really care who sleeps with but i really dislike his wife, Victoria. It is because of Victoria that David and Alex’s relationship went sour. I am sad that David leave United. I hope he will return soon. I miss Giggsy and david as United Wingers.

  8. One sex scandals after another. It’s gettin more interesting day by day. “If u could see, what I see”

  9. But yah, she’s quite flat. Mayb coz she have had any kids yet like Victoria.Got 2 kids so the breast got to accomodate.

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