Hit all those pins! Strike! Strike!

This entry is supposed to be posted on Wednesday but I was too tired to write it.

I went bowling today with Frederick, Chuo Ming, Hun Chong, Jonathan, Su Ween, Kai Fei, Janet and Michelle. That was the first time I ever played bowling in England. Fred, Hun Chong, Janet, Michelle and me played in one lane while the others played in the lane next to us. We all had fun there. I was a lousy bowler. I got the least points among all of the people. After bowling, Fred, Hun Chong and I joined Chii Der and Cindy for a movie at UGC while the rest went to KFC. We watched Shanghai Knights.

Movie Title: Shanghai Knights
Rating: 4/5
Synopsis: Jacky Chan went to London with his partner Owen Wilson, to find the murderer of Chan’s father and the stolen imperial seal.
Comment: Apart from Jacky Chan and Owen Wilson, Singapore actress, Fann Wong also starred in the show. Fann Wong is very pretty. After seeing Fann Wong on the big screen, I think Cindy resemble Fann Wong a bit (I hope Chii Der will not kill me when he sees this). The show is hilarious and the action is good. The best part of the show was when Fann Wong kicked Jack the Ripper into the river and said “You fucking loser”. Another good part was the scene when Fann Wong appeared in Owen Wilson’s Wet dream. She was hot and she licked Owen Wilson. Owen, you lucky bastard!

Today, I went bowling again with Fred, Hun Chong, and Wen Dee. My bowling skill improved a bit today. =)
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  1. Killuminati: Hell, man. I can’t even get 90 points here Sheffield. Maybe i have home ground advantage in Sibu. heheheh… Yeah, man. Let’s go bowling again in sibu when i am back in December.

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