Watson 16 now has 2 more added to da family! Vivien (or Terry or Sekoi) the ghost and Josephine the rat! One biiiig happy family!!

Let me tell you guys how the whole ghost thing came about… Frank has this deck of Tarot Cards and everybody had a fine time asking questions while Frank interpreted the cards. And damn, was he good. Damn accurate sometimes, ok!!! Frank was damn stressed though with all the non-stop questions which he kept fending off by saying he was tired and all…:D Then someone asked if our house was haunted and the answer was telling us ‘to stop seeking answers’. Scary shits… But IF it was haunted, it would be a tomboy-ish girl or a feminine boy. I dunno what happened along the way but our Watson 16 ghost became female and got her name(s)!

SO that’s what happened to all my black undies. 😀

Anyway, nonsense aside, Jia Hui, Daryl, Wee Kiat and I queued up for the Real Madrid v Manchester United game the other day… we were trying our luck on those tickets which nobody collected. After finally deciding that we didn’t mind queueing up the whole day for it, we reached there to see a line of about 40 people and some of them had camped the night to be in front of the line!!! But with good company, 4 hours wait really didn’t seem so bad but things started getting edgy when the line in front of us somehow got ‘thicker’ with people (damn you!!! people who jump queues will BURN!!!). The game had started and the cheers from inside the stadium seemed to float out towards us outside… crossing our fingers while the Japs in front cheered as they got their tickets (I never wanted something so badly in my life!!!) but unfortunately, about less than 10 more people to the front – there were no more tickets. Shite…. and it was a damn good game too. 🙁 Ahhh never mind… I am not some hardcore football fan anyway. And it was a cold night anyway. And Raul wasn’t playing anyway. I don’t even like football.

(Definitely a typical sour grapes scenario here but muaHAHha at least I am satisfied with my justifications :P)


14 thoughts on “hooodelaheee!”

  1. talking about buaya?! haha dion u are the gawd of it, hehe .. aiya nothing much ma.. cept that most of ur “best frens” all bcome ur gf oni wat, huhu

  2. eh one only okie?! and she is special case! ;pand you are way worse than me, wee kiat! hahahhaah.. ah boy is on the same boat as you too! ;p you, ah boy, and ah lock!

  3. haha, akii is buaya?! good jobwe expand our horizons… h9 is going international… Globalisation!! :Dxes, we conquer UK yes? haha

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