psychos lurking around everywhere!!

Damn, why are there so many psychos around? Abby received a call from a stranger and asked her to do unspeakable and obscene things. It�s not the first time that guy called. He stopped for a while but continued again. How sick can that be? I don�t know what should I do to stop it. I�m so far away and if I provoke that guy, what would he do? It’s just like Nic�s case last time where he harassed Melody everyday by sending threatening messages to her. We even tried lodging a police report but we gave him a second chance anyway.

Changing her hand phone number would be a good idea, but is it worth it? Calling him and screw him would be a good idea too, but the problem is, that coward uses a public telephone to call her. Damn, if I know who he is, I�ll break every single bone that he has. I swear!

Anyway, I’m too lazy to build a page for the pictures I took during my Aussie backpacking trip. Here are the links, it could be viewed from my album section too.
Sydney 2002
Canberra 2002
Melbourne 2002

Reviews about the trip can be read from,

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