I was admitted for suspected dengue fever in December. Few days before that, I had fever and throat infection. My neighbourhood doctor initially diagnosed me with throat infection and gave me antibiotics and tons of other medicine for it.

The medicines didn’t help and on the 3rd day, I fainted in the toilet. Fortunately, I picked myself up (few minutes later) and went back to sleep.

On Saturday, I had muscles and joint pains. I immediately thought of the advertorial I wrote for Ministry of Health regarding dengue fever. It struck me that I may have dengue fever. I quickly went to see the same doctor and he referred me to another clinic to do blood test. My result shows that my white blood cells are dropping. I was immediately referred me to a hospital.

I packed my clothes and got admitted to Pantai Hospital @ Bangsar. My strength was slowly fading away.

At the Emergency Ward

Had to live with this throughout my stay

Although I could walk to my room, I was wheeled to my room. Awesome.

I was on the drip for three nights. The drips worked well.

I felt much better after the first day. The rest of the nights were just resting and eating. Many friends dropped by with gifts.

Even Doraemon came.

Food was just so-so. Quite bland.

Many of them were surprised that I looked well. I guess my early diagnose helped a lot.

I wouldn’t know the seriousness of my sickness if its not for my dengue advertorial. I wouldn’t be able to recover fast if I hadn’t detect it early.

Many thanks to A and friends and family who visited and well wishes!

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