The Year 2011 at a Glance

2011 was probably one of the most eventful years in my lifetime. The good gets better and the bad gets worst. Here are the eventful periods of 2011.

I spoke at the 11th edition of Kuala Lumpur’s Pecha Kucha at Delucca. Thanks Niki Cheong for the invite.

I wrote an article entitled “Right to Privacy in Malaysia:Do we have it?”. It was later published by Malaysian Insider.

I appeared as a guest on NTV7’s Breakfast show to speak on data protection and social media laws.

I also appeared as a guest on BFM Radio to speak on social media laws.

My house was burgled. We lost cash and an old Nokia 8850.

I attended the International Trade Marks Attorneys conference at San Francisco. Cycling around SF was the highlight of the trip.

June hits 10 years.

July marks the second Bersih rally in Kuala Lumpur. I was part of the Bar Council’s observers. I witnessed how Malaysians, all of races, were united. I was also unfortunate to witness police brutality.

My blogpost on Bersih and live updates were read by thousands of people.

Got my third payment from Nuffnang!

I wrote an article entitled “All Lawyers should have an iPad!”. It was published on LoyarBurok and stayed on as one of the most read article for few weeks.

I also launched my bLawg,

My firm sent me to Chiang Mai to attend the Multilaw Academy. It was a wonderful experience to meet lawyers of various countries. I had so much fun there.

My firm had a company trip to Phuket. I made my tuxedo through their well known one-day service.

This month was probably the worst month of 2011. Grandpa and my friend, Jessie passed away.

I was also hospitalised for suspected dengue for 3 nights.

The only plus point was that I had a fat bonus.

2012 is going to be another eventful year. I got married, moving to a new home and setting up my own law firm soon. I can’t wait to write another blogpost to reflect on what had happened in 2012!

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