House no 386..

Another neighborhood story!

Many years ago, my mum rented this dilapidated house located opposite my hill (my house is on top of a hill). I used to hangout there loads as there were 2 pretty cool tenants there last time. They used to bring me out for dinner and let me hang around in their room.

Behind the happy old memories, there lies a dark secret in that house. It’s an open secret actually, even taxi drivers knew about it. However, mum didn’t know about it. When my mum first rented the house, she and my maid painted the entire house. So on one faithful day, Mum was exhausted hence she slept in a room which is located next to a toilet. While sleeping.. something woke her up. A black image was floating in front of her. Suddenly, it began choking her. Mum was struggling for her life…

She was about to pass out until she heard a scream. It was my maid shouting that she has finished her work and wanted to go home. The black image disappeared.

Mum was curious. She didn’t know what that was so she asked a neighbor. Apparently, the previous owner of the house committed suicide in that very same room mum slept. He was an Indian man and an Inspector of the police force. The entire family moved as soon as he died.

His spirit was still lurking around the house after the incident. Tenants were complaining that they heard footsteps on the stairs at night.

However, today, the house no longer exists. After mum moved out, it was left unattended for few years until someone bought the house and demolished it. A brand new bungalow lies there now..

15 thoughts on “House no 386..”

  1. xesssssssssssssss…………. Now i cannot sleep liow u basket. How come u got lotz of this stories one? 1 X-Files after another……….

  2. Gavin: wait till i tell u my melboure stories kekeYUMMIE: of course..58200 roxxchoon: kekeke no need to sked oneee..buttshaker: taman yang berunited hehehedogma: hehehehe ithnk they hired some taoist to ward the ghost away kekeSarah: WRONG!!! Hyong: keke actually still building..but no worries..not our hill wei kekepikey,adeline,gguni: kekeke good good..i’m glad i scared u guys eekekfacky: yeah la..cilakak punya hantublossom: u know where is it meH?/ ehhehehc: ahha no la. my mum told me that story yesterday keke

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