Melbourne ghost story…

Another ghost story, dedicated to all my friends in Melbourne 😀

Warning: Please proceed if you have balls of steel or tits of steel.

During my backpacking trip around Australia, I ended up staying in my then girlfriend (hereinafter referred as “M”) apartment on Charlotte’s place, just next to Astor Theatre. It’s actually a dead end street with couple of beautiful single story Victorian houses and an apartment located on the end of the road.

Charlotte’s Place..

I was fortunate enough to live there for 2 occasions, once during my second trip to Melbourne and another time during my backpacking trip. The first time was alright but I wasn’t in good terms with M’s housemate (it all started after she insisted on dividing the toilet roll bill into 3). Anyway, back to the story. It was Winter 2002 and I was revising Insurance Law in the living room with a cup of cold Milo.

Then suddenly, I heard a sound. It sounded like someone is outside the window. Who could be outside the window at 12AM in the morning? And further, we live on the 2nd floor.

It was a sound of heavy breathing. It was getting louder and louder. The hair behind my neck began to stand and so did the hair on my arms! (I swear when I wrote this I immediately blasted my music loudly)

It would enjoy it if it’s a woman’s heavy breathing. But noooooo…it was a man. I immediately packed my books and ran back to my room. I told M about it. She immediately dismiss it by saying it could be the gas pipe outside or the neighbour downstairs.

Days later, the noise came back again (I swear when I wrote this the hair on my face began to stand). We were about to sleep. The lights were closed and we were neatly tucked. It was the breathing sound again. It went on for few minutes. M and I were shocked. We didn’t say a word but we were clearly awake to witness it. We stared at the window and saw nothing. It can’t be the gas pipe as it’s located on the other side of the apartment. It cant be our neighbour downstairs because.. no one lives directly below us. (hair stands!!)

We asked M’s housemate whether or not she heard anything.

She said she heard nothing.

The heavy breathing incident stopped for a while after that.

However, one day, while M was at a clinic, she heard the noise again. It was as if something was breathing on to her ears. She asked the doctor whether he heard anything. The doctor said no..

She came out from the doctor’s room, looking pale..

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  2. suilin:i remember reading about a serial murderer who live in king street. chopped up the bodies and ate them…..

  3. suilin… you staying in 270 King St? hahha… if you do, i might give you a visit one day… wahhahahah… i have friends there, and i am always there… =P

  4. However, one day, while M was at a clinic, she heard the noise again. It was as if something was breathing on to her ears. She asked the doctor whether he heard anything. The doctor said yea baby its ME!! woOOhOOooo!! *UnGh* *uNgH*She came out from the doctor’s room, looking pale and humiliated to get raped by a mad doctor stalking her everynight. Apparently he was using a ladder to spy on her and started panting thats why she always hear loud breathing noises outside.

  5. oH fuck…I didnt read the story nicely. Please remove the comment I posted below I didnt mean it I thought its all hypothetical!! Didnt mean to say stuff about M like that.

  6. Dear M,I want to apologise for posting crap. I hope that it did not offend you too much. Totally did not mean it…feeling bad. Should have read the ghostly story nicely. Initially I thought it was just some hypothetical story by xes.

  7. mmm i heard the ‘breathing’ sound went on after i left melbourne…and SOHAI GAYVIN HAHAHAHASHE DIDNT READ WHAT YOU WROTE LA.. HAHAAsuilin i heard a family was chopped into pieces in 270 kingsstreet.. their body parts were scattered around the house..and heads were in the fridge..oh yeah babyy

  8. erm… suilin, really wor, i heard… there is SOMETHING on the 5th floor… hope you are not so lucky!

  9. cheeeeepets xes…ahahahadont spook her place…its my emergency stayover if I get stranded in the city on “LATE” nights okay!!

  10. I’ve heard things about King Street. My fren drives by there late at nite often and there’s alwiz a girl standing at the corner of Kings and La Trobe street. So when this time he was driving there with his frens, his frens said they saw nothing even though he was pointing towards that direction.And as for 270 King Street, “I WILL NEVER STEP IN THERE EVER AGAIN !!!!!” Stayed there b4 and my godddddddddd………Ya Allah……………. Oh Mi Tuo Foh………etc……etc……….etc

  11. Xes: Broomhill in Sheffield is also haunted? Remember HC’s house basement, Ranmoor’s haunted mansion and of cos watson Road? =P

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