House of Beauty @ Bangsar

Among the posh retail outlets in Bangsar lies one humble beauty parlour. Unlike its neighbours, the main entrance of the shop is nothing impressive.

However, when I stepped in, I was surprised. They have a beauty parlour and a small saloon!

Since A had to get her eyebrows trimmed, I tagged along to see this interesting business. The beauty parlour and the small saloon are separated into 2 units, each mannered by different people. When I was there, there were ladies sitting on the sofa waiting for their turn.
Since A is number 4 on the list, I sat at the sofa observing the trade. I notice that many ladies were there to get their eyebrows threaded. The interesting bit here is the threading process. The beautician would hold a piece of cotton string with its hand and mouth forming a sharp piece of string. She would then use the string and rub it on the targeted areas.
Customers are then required to lie on a bed with their knees bended like they were giving birth. I don’t know why but maybe because the bed is too short.

The bed
Other than threading, one can have any parts of their body waxed.
A lady suddenly dashed into the room urging for immediate attention. She closed the curtains and the lady attended to her. It left some of us wondering why she cut our queue. Does waxing or threading her bulus (hair) more important than basic courtesy?
We later found out that she had to dash to the airport and had to ensure that her pubes are in order before going overseas.
I entered the room with A when it came to her turn. One of the staff came up to me..
Staff: Are you waiting for your turn??
A: nono, he’s with me.
Staff: oooh I thought you wanted to trim your eyebrows. Many guys come here to get their eyebrows trimmed. Anyway, if you’re not here for anything, please leave, many women here.
Me: O_o

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  1. hei i realised bimbobum hasn’t blogged for awhile, where is she? i miss her blogs, esp the ones she shows her cleavage

  2. Darren:dowan ghey…kekek
    Amos: cannot aaa
    chuoming: bimbobum has resigned. now looking for new guestblogger keke

  3. Resigned??!! Why?? And I didn’t even get to see her in real life, with her posting her cleavage and all, aarrgghh!!!
    Frank resign nvm la who cares…

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