how to impress a girl

by being yourself? and failing…
1. eat first, don’t wait for her
he asked me out for dinner and we agreed to meet at some place. i arrived at that place and as i approached his table, i noticed he had already started eating. puzzled, i asked, “er, you were hungry already?” but he answered no. i felt like he was obviously trying to avoid buying me a meal. ;P
i’ll pay for my own, for goodness sake. but it was actually the first time i was meeting him after we were introduced at a friend’s party. it was awkward, because even among friends we’d wait for everyone to arrive to order and start eating together – unless some people are going to be really late.
and that was only mcdonald’s!
2. telling her straight that she’s paying for her own dinner
i was jobless for a while and had to live on my savings. eating out was tough. šŸ™ he asked me to have dinner with him another time and i asked him where would he like to go. he suggested trying some place new. i asked if the place (which i suggested) was within his budget (because whenever he called to invite me out for dinner, the first place he’d suggest would be, “mamak”.)
he responded to my question, “up to you!! you’re the poor person, not me. i don’t have to worry about a budget!”
…………… can you guess how i felt?
gosh, he was tactless. obviously he didn’t want to buy me dinner, right? i was so offended that i said, “i told YOU i wanted to go to the MAMAK, and obviously we SHOULD have gone there, cos it’d be within MY budget.”
stingy fella la he.
3. ordering her something else instead of what she specifically asked for
he offered to order my food for me. let’s say, the place serves caesar salad and oriental salad. i told him i wanted the caesar salad. but an oriental salad came instead. hmmm, i thought to myself, maybe he didn’t hear me.
so what’s the difference with between this and the caesar salad? he asked.
so he DID hear me. what was up with him? if they had ran out of caesar salad, at least have the courtesy to let me know that’s why you ordered the oriental salad for me instead la.
i figured maybe because he was going to pay for me, he ordered the cheaper one instead.
to save RM2.

20 thoughts on “how to impress a girl”

  1. wuah…this guy reli teruk. I’ll just kick him if I do see him. Once there’s this guy, X, he bought some flowers for my friend for V’day… and guess wat? he asked money back from her. Poor thing. Terrible creatures menyesakkan dunia.

  2. obeliskdee: hua… might as well she buy her own. i have an ex bf who was happy when i returned a soft toy he gave me, he said “thanks for returning it. now you don’t owe me anything! i’ll give this to my sister ….”

  3. stingy bastard!
    Look on the bright side laaa, at least he was easily read…and u don’t get to waste your time finding this hidden truth!!

  4. this is a very funny post. funny cos i can SO see it happening to any other hapless girl!
    i agree with chaliz…at least you know upfront his type of attitude, instead of wasting time with him.

  5. Ooohh…so THAT was you la Bimbobum? I am THAT guy. Muahahha.
    NO Klang Bak Kut Teh for you!!!
    *snatches claypot and gulps it all down*

  6. insomnia: me hiding from him. shhhh ;P
    rych: hehehe. ya ya. hopefully he’s not your friend. ;P
    johnson: i was so tempted to tell him straight in the face, in case he couldn’t get my sarcasm. ;P
    Devilishaz: aaaaahhhh…… unfortunately, the guys i meet lately (mostly from KL!) are like that. ;P
    obeliskdee: waaaaaahhhhhhhh….. give him back the flowers la! or throw into the dustbin.
    chaliz: my friends and i figured that’s the reason why he has never had a girlfriend before. OR has difficulties in getting one. hehe.
    one question (with regards to xes’ question): would you want a kiam siap friend? be it a casual dinner or whatever, kiam siap friends are also quite terrible, you know! hehehe. i wouldn’t want to intro a stingy guy to my girl friends… shy only ;PpPppp
    Darren: wat to do, they say rich people become rich by being kiam siap wat… ;P
    ddkwh: ya, am avoiding him. he *promised* to buy me dinner… dowan la ;P
    electronicfly: just my luck, wat to do ;P
    whyrl: dun worryyyyyyyyyy…. i’m sure he has trouble finding a gf with that kind of calculative-ness. ;P but then again, when he becomes rich in future due to his stingy-ness…. how how??? ;P

  7. wolfx: aikssssss…….. where where???? ;P who’s the only who’ll only buy me …. roti kosong satu or teh ais, i forgot. u, rite? ;pPpP

  8. oh my god this guy obviously haven’t had many dates. Surprised u actually still agreed to go out with him.

  9. even if become rich in the future, so what??? not like he’s gonna spend on you…he’ll be like scrooge mcduck and build a money swimming pool. šŸ˜›

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