Kodaiji – Kyoto, Japan

It’s been a while since I blogged about my Japan trip. I still have loads of post pending. Also, I’m not even done with my Krabi trip posts! Btw, Analog Girl report coming up soon!

So anyway, here’s one interesting place in Kyoto that one should visit 😀

Kodaiji Temple, formally known as the Kodaijusho-zenji Temple, is located in the Higashiyama mountains of Kyoto.

It was constructed in 1605 in memory of Toyotomi Hideyoshi by the great political leader’s wife, Kita-no-Mandokoro. Besides fine temple halls, Kodaiji features a small bamboo grove and a landscape garden with tea houses, designed by leading, contemporary masters.

After our trip to Arashiyama, we went back to Kyoto City to check out Kodaiji.

Initially I didn’t want to enter Kodaiji as it was already dark and hence tough to take pictures. Further, it costs me about 800 Yen to enter the temple (but includes entrance to 2 museums).

Going through Kodaiji is like going through a path. The tour was already set for us, we had to follow the routes and follow everyone else. Our first route was walking through a small wooden house. We were given plastic bags to store our shoes before entering the house. Nothing interesting although they had some sort of laser show on the gardens.

But the best parts came after that, night view at Kodaiji was excellent. The entire place was lit up!

Some of the buildings were located on the slopes of the mountain. We could enjoy the sights of lighted ancient Japanese shrines from afar.

Further, Jane and I were impressed with the mirror pond. It was as if someone put a mirror on the floor! But taking picture was a pain in the ass. Loads of people were admiring the scenery as well hence we had to fight for a place. We managed to book a spot with a nice pillar supporting our camera.

We walked up the hill and passed a bamboo forest. There we could see Kyoto 😀

Shops 😀

6 thoughts on “Kodaiji – Kyoto, Japan”

  1. woah. that’s fcukin magnificent!
    i love the picture of the pond/lake
    btw. u mentioned u walked up to hill which passes through a bamboo forest. how was it like? any pics? was it like something the one we saw in “house of dagger?” sort? i think bamboo forest is freaking cool!

  2. Darren: yeah!! magnnificent!!
    piffles: then go do cooking la keke
    puhyah: yuuppp
    faai: umm.. i think something like the one at house of flying daggers 😀

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