How to Penetrate?

(Eye-catching title, don’t you think? But no, we’re not talking about sex today. ;P)
I was checking out a potential target the other day, but I was unable to muster up the courage to approach target and be cool. Say it! I know you want to…
… laugh and call me a coward. ;P
Let me explain! Target was surrounded by friends of the opposite sex. How am I supposed to saunter over and penetrate into the group? (Aah.. now you know the reason for the title.)
So intimidating.
Usually I’d take the indirect route of befriending target’s friends, and then put my claws on target. Hehe. My friends tell me I’m a coward, should take the direct approach – zoom in on target and get on with it!
Direct – Head towards target direct and make my small talk, under the scrutiny of target‘s friends; or
Indirect – Approach target‘s friends and be friends with them first, and then squirm my way through to glue myself to target later? <--- this may take some time. *Yawns* If target was alone just for once, I’d be direct. But hardly. The posse’s always around. ;(
Posse’s are intimidating. Let’s say you take the direct approach, the posse will start judging you and will know right from the start that you’ve got your sight set on their friend. Stress!
I asked 2 friends recently and both said they’d take the direct approach, and don’t give a shit about the posse of friends. Such brave men. ;P

32 thoughts on “How to Penetrate?”

  1. direct approach!! sounds nice, tried it b4, not so succesful haha depends on which gal u are talking to.

  2. throw a hand grenade in..say cover..faster run to target before he runs away from it ,while others probably on the floor screaming like penguins, when target runs make sure you’re behind target, grab targets hand and run away to some paradise…
    tactics advantage :
    direct approach (not coward)
    destroys targets backups and posers
    you’re innocent and target thought you’re the heroine of the day and will fall for you forever
    best penetration method as advertised

  3. Actually har…bimbobum is guy or gal. This post…bimbo sounds like a he. Let’s clarify this once and for all neh?? Last I remembered, Bimbo replied in a comment for a post. quote ” Last I checked, i’m still a girl”
    Otherwise, could bimbobum really be showing GoodlooksAreACurse that even SHE tried zooming in on target by trying to ‘penetrate’? Or could she be showing her feminine side by saying that girls are after all still girls, they are shy when it comes to approaching guys, surrounded by girls?
    Hmm…tricky, this is… hmmmm..*rub rub janggut a bit*

  4. pokai: hehehe.. best penetration forward! ;P
    karheng: guy or girl, same thing la, when it comes to wooing a target or something
    Thrillseeker: huaa….. i no fren u! ;P
    thanks galFeRari ;P

  5. jus walk up and say hi la, dun care wtv the target’s frens said cause it doesn’t matter in the 1st place….if so they wana talk u can’t do anything about it oso
    hehe..penetrate use head la…gahahahha…now tat sounds bad

  6. I am AS confused as well….Really. Must be a guy then :)…..Bimbo, looks like this post exposed you.
    The art of ‘penetrating’. Hmmmmmm, I prefer to call it attempt to isolate. First of all, IF you are a guy targeting a gurl in a group. Approach the group , ignore the target and start befriending (i wont go into detail how to) the guys first and also the other girlfriends of the target. Do something to attract the attention of group (magic trick, tell an interesting story etc. etc.) while showing your back to the target. When target wants to take a closer look, then start talking to her, then when rapport is already build with group, ISOLATE her………….
    (I know this whole description is very brief and simplistic….I may write an article or video a demo =P )
    Just my 2 cents 😉

  7. ;X
    asking you help to ‘kau’ someone you all guessing what’s between my legs! so off topic ;P ehehehe. sorry so crude, but keep on guessing AND gimme ‘kau’ ppl tips lah!
    pokai: bob, bim, boo, bom, … what else will you think of? ;P
    endroo: if the guy is ‘yong sui’ leh? sure fail, rite. hehe
    Abalon: ahaha ;P
    AHLOKKOR: u too experienced liao. may i call u sifu? ;p

  8. I’d agree with endroo..the best is to mix in the group intro yourself without the suspicion of others, catch up with talks (hardest part) and see where can u go from there., or if you know some friends who know him or the group even better..drag him/her along intro you to the groups and talk…stay with the group as long as possible…once people starts to leave the scene take ur chance and talk to him..if thts hard…i don’t know what else u can do..perhaps go back to the crash boom bang method i’ve told you above..the grenades. But i don’t understand why must u be the one doing the initiation? Under this circumstances is he that worthwhile after all? Heh getting into the group is the furthest you should go..or maybe getting to know him or talk to him. But you shouldn’t go further than that like grab his ph number and all..guys are abit dumb in initiate things sometimes but after all this clues and he’s yet to notice your interest…forget it.

  9. in addition to pokai’s, not all guys interested with girl going after them, nagging them, bugging them, continuos sms/phone call etc etc. It is plain nuisance.

  10. Girls, if you wanna ‘penetrate’, don’t come on too strong…..Guys may have 2 heads but trust me, the bigger head always rationalise everything in the end…….
    Girls can use body-language. Eye contact is the tools or weapon of choice. Keep staring till guy notices (eye contact is made). Do a slight brief sincere smile, then look away. Do that and if the guy still does not get the hint. Do an approach elegantly towards him with a confident smile. By then, rapport has already been extablish without even saying a word…….

  11. endroo: pls.. some guys are pure nuisance too! they can’t get the hint either.
    pokai: hmm.. so indirect approach less likely to look like a fool, i guess?
    but why are posse of friends always so possessive over their friends and judgmental about the non-clique friends? very obnoxious!

  12. bimbo: easy only….
    If ur a girl, do this…
    ..Keep stealing quick glances at the guy..and when u know he’s looking…look away and bite your lower lip lightly or u can try having one finger placed on your lower lip…..
    If ur a guy…do this..
    …KEEP Staring at ur target, until he or she notices..then u wink and then u do that DR. No from Austin Powers pinky finger to the lips.
    Alternatively, if u dun want to be a bad boy…u can try this…go to her, turn your back facing her, stick your butt outwards towards her..and look back, asking…”Do I make you Horny baby?”

  13. yah yah…lokkor is right..wheres that girls look thing ..shaikzzz..the guy scans around for girls..then saw a girl looking at him then the girl whisper to the gf beside while looking at him do a slight giggle together with gf and finish off with a slight head nod and smile..what a good fishing method heh you dont have to move an inch…but then maybe tht guy will go after ur gf instead of you la or maybe he’ll not move at all…haha

  14. HAHA!!!…..Looks like we have a lot of pick-up artists around here….
    Its unusual for girls to penetrate but as they become more and more bolder, you never know what the ladies are capable of nowadays…

  15. ok! i shall try all tactics and tell you which strategy worked the best ;P
    p.s. you guys can start your own how-to-date forum! 😉
    karheng: this acting cute thing… hehe. reminds me of the poses la ;P and i’m not going to ask “DO I MAKE YOU HORNY BABY?” in case it backfires! ;P
    pokai: i dunno how to *giggle*
    AHLOKKOR: yup, girls can be very direct nowadays.

  16. Bimbobum: Not a forum but I am conceptualising a seduction web-site cum blog for Malaysians. I need to know if there is a market. Looks like there is……..Watch this space….
    Western people teaching asians art of language could be different. Need to asianise it.

  17. AHLOKKOR: by ‘asianise it’ i hope it doesn’t mean ‘ah beng’-ify it
    karheng: kinky lah u! ahahahahahah ;P
    chuoming: i have actually spotted familiar faces (readers and links from and i tell xes about it… ;P (e.g. siew lee and eraine, the guestbloggers)
    i will say hi one day, hehe, but it’s going to be awkward if someone responds by, “what the f*ck do i care???” after i introduce myself

  18. karheng:girls these days are becoming ku wak chai already?. We guys should stay indoors lah, later drink kena spike , kena molest lah kena bla bla bla.

  19. bimbobum:what i had in mine was a horde of monster xxxl sized all-female clan that goes hunting around kl clubs.think they have no problem carrying us skinny boys home, oh and the sight of us waking up beside them xxxl monster is nightmare.

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